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Welcome to the website of Emerald Dental! Our clinic is located in a modern white building in the "E-buurt" in Amsterdam Zuidoost, close to Diemen and Duivendrecht. Our doors are open for all regular dental care services and treatment. For more information, please contact us at info@emeralddental.nl.

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Our vision

While the contemporary dental care industry is shaped by large corporate chains of clinics, we strive to deliver a more personal, bespoke experience. Many clients still feel unease at the thought of a visit, and we consider it our personal mission to help them conquer their dental fears. In doing so we value a personal connection, and we are proud to have built a strong base of loyal customers and entire families that continue to visit us for many years. A strong and continuous focus on the latest technological developments and trends helps us to ensure our patients enjoy the utmost in comfort, and state of the art treatment diagnostics at all times. We also pride ourselves in working with a network of highly trained and experienced professionals in different fields of expertise, in case referral is needed.

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