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Diagnostics & planning

Your first visit will be used to a diagnostic examination. Often we will follow up with an x-ray scan, using bitewing radiography technique to provide vital information. In some cases, we will then do a closer examination of a single tooth or molar. Also, we will complete a medical questionnaire, which will obviously remain completely confidential as part of your medical file with us. It is very important for us to remain updated on your allergies, illnesses and ailments. Also, we need to know which medication you take, in order to prevent complications during treatment and to adjust treatment accordingly. Any dental discomfort, requests or questions will be handled and accommodated, and in complex cases we will write a detailed treatment plan and if possible suggest any alternative strategies. In doing so, of course we will closely consider the financial consequences and adjust according to your budget. Our treatment plan will be put in writing for you to review, and might need your informed consent before executing the plan.

Prevention and dental cleaning

For most of us, a Hollywood smile does not come naturally. Starting at a young age, it is crucial to maintain dental health on a daily basis. in order to improve oral hygiene, we advise periodic dental cleaning at our clinic. if needed, we can provide instructions on how to keep your teeth, tongue and soft tissues healthy, in order to prevent cavitie and other problems. In many cases this professional dental cleaning can be done simultaneously with the regular check-up. For extensive cleaning we will schedule a separate appointment, possibly with an oral hygienist. Children and adults struggling with dental hygiene can schedule more frequent visits for tooth brushing lessons and check-ups.


In case of a cavity extending beyond the enamel it will need to be restored in order to prevent further tooth decay. However, there are other circumstances that require fillings. These include protection of sensitive teeth and esthetic purposes. In any case we will use white fillings, usuallly composite resin fillings.

Root canal treatments

At times a filling will not suffice to properly treat a tooth. A more elaborate treatment will be needed to remove nerve tissue from the tooth. We will clean the inside of the tooth and completely fill the root canals. This treatment has a bad reputation, in many cases undeservedly so. Should you need one, we will do everything to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Facings, crowns and bridges

In cases where fillings cannot provide sufficient support, a crown can serve as a good long-term alternative to keep the tooth strong. The root and the inner part of the tooth will be preserved and covered with a white cap. That will result in a natural look, increased strength and better protection of the tooth. In case of a missing tooth a socalled "bridge" can be constructed with a dummy as a replacement. People who wish to enhance their front teeth have several options. In addition to the use of composite we also provide ceramic facings to cover the front side of the teeth. That way we can eliminate imperfections and even out colour differences. Minor adjustments to shape and (visual) position can be accomplished.

Partial dentures

For patients with one or multiple missing teeth we have several options for replacements. Contemporary techniques allow many different implant treatments. They are expensive however, and will not be fully covered by dental insurance in many cases. In order to reach an affordable solution we can provide more conventional partial dentures. A removable denture is not the first solution that comes to mind in modern dental care, however, we have many satisfied patients who use one or even two as a semi-temporary solution.

Teeth whitening

Many people ask us for a Hollywood smile, i.e. whiter teeth. In general however, we do not take teeth whitening lightly. Most importantly we will first need to eliminate caries, keep gums and soft tissues infection free and maintain good oral hygiene. Should you insist on whitening your teeth then we will suggest a home-bleach system which we can provide for you. Please note that the results may vary, and results are never permanent.


Children are welcome in our clinic. Starting at approximately age 2 toddlers can join an adult to get used to our surroundings. We will playfully introduce them to our dental chair and instruments. We can practice tooth brushing, monitor oral hygiene and keep close tabs on the exchange of the primary dentition. In case of extensive treatment we will sometimes require a chaperone to stay in the waiting area in order for us to better connect with a child. In the unlikely case that a treatment cannot be performed, we will refer to a specialized pediatric dentist.


Patients requiring dental alignment are referred to orthodontic clinics in Amsterdam Zuidoost, Diemen or Amsterdam Oost. As usual our referrals will start with a consultation detailing the necessary steps and options. During orthodontic treatment, which will in many cases last over a year, please keep returning to our clinic for regular follow-up of your oral health. Orthodontic care is not a substitution for dental care.


In case of a missing tooth we can fill the void with an implant and a crown on top. This implant is a permanent solution and will remain fixed to the jaw day and night, just like a natural tooth. In cases where removable, partial dentures lack support from the lower jaw to remain in place, we advise implants as a means for extra fixation. For all implant dentistry we will refer you to a specialized implant dentist, who will examine the intraoral situation and answer any questions you may have about costs or procedure. After completion of the implant treatment we will construct the crown in our clinic.

Mandibular dysfunction

Many people experience jaw dysfunction without even knowing it. Stress related issues can result in teeth grinding or jaw clenching. In many cases dental wear and head and neck pains will occur. A simple treatment using opbeetplaatje can alleviate these symptoms. Severe and complex cases will be referred to ACTA.