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COVID-19 Update

Dear sir, madam, and/or patient,
We would like to inform you about our treatment policy as a result of the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Netherlands.

Our professional organization, KNMT, has advised dentists to suspend non-urgent oral care at least until April 6. In case of emergency (trauma, post-treatment bleeding, acute severe pain, potentially life-threatening inflammation) you can reach us by phone on working days between 8 – 12 am and between 1 – 4 pm, our telephone number is (020) 235 74 70 and we can also be reached by email at info@emeralddental.nl.
If you need emergency treatment but are infected with the virus, you can also contact us. We will then consult with the hospital to determine where you can best be treated.
For patients who already have an appointment for the coming period: you will be called and/or emailed a few days before the appointment. Chances are that your appointment will have to be rescheduled. In that case you will be placed on a list and for more clarity, we will contact you to schedule a new appointment. You do not have to do anything yourself.
For patients who still need or want treatment with us: we work as usual under strict hygiene regulations and treat every visitor as a potentially infected patient.
If you have any questions about our clinic policy, you can of course, contact us. For further questions, you can consult the websites of the Central Government, RIVM, KNMT and allesoverhetgebit.nl.
With caring regards,
Team Emerald Dental

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